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the Class of 2013 -- featured with a poem by former U.S. Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky!

Anonymous A. / The Fighter
Nathaniel A. / Penguin
Sydney A. / New Ink
Taiga Abe / To Nostalgia
Elijah Ada / I Met This Girl at Camp
Nur Akkurt / For Langston Hughes: a response to “March Moon”
Omar Akmal / What is Poetry?
Ariana Akram / That Warm Summer Night
Anna Alexandrou / The Race
Syed Ali / The Cowardly Monster
Valdir Aliati / More Than a Parent, More Than a Man
Matthew Almeida / Likeable Things
Sam Alpert / Sock'em Boppers
Jessica Altschuler / Imagination
Harry Ames / The Hibbity Hobbity Bobbity Frog
Joseph Arciprete / Red-Winged Beauty
Garni Aroyan / College Newbee
Will Arroyo / My Soul
Rose Arslanian / Floating Away
David Atkins / A Five Minute Lifetime
Tamar Austin / Listening to Walls
Michelle Azaroff / Floating
Anna B. / Creating a New Path
Bobby Backofen / Anxiety
Phillip Ballo / The Man Who Sold the World
Savannah Bara / Insincerely Kind
Andrea Barker / Poetry is a book
Amanda Barnes / Moscow
Michael Barry / True Superheroes
Alan Bartels / Curse of a Dictionary
Judy-Lynn Benjamin / Night Sky
Dan Bernstein / To Death
Surya Bhupatiraju / Facing Life
Brittany Bladd / Flights Of Fancy
Nadav Boker / The Rocky Mountains
Ian Bollag-Miller / Prized Ignorance
Maia Borensztein / War of the Hug
Kaitlin Brady / The Coffee Shop
Abbey Brainard / Have I told you lately
Eli Brick / Where We Are Going
Nicholas Briggs / Chilled Turtle
Ben Brown / The Case of the Apple Pie
John Buschini / The Stalk
Kristina Bush / Message of the Waves
Tyler Byrne / How Could I Have Known...
Alex C. / Crashing Stars
Alixe C. / The Burden
Felix C. / Ode to My Bicycle
Perry C. / My School Window
Samantha C. / Night Not Known
Nancy Cai / A Lifetime Through Shoes
Alessandra Carpinito / Wait For Me
Joshua Carruthers / An Unexpected Peace
Taylor Chan / You don’t know me
Christine Chang / That was me
Winnie Chang / Unsaid
Nick Chaput / 2:25 A.M.
Pavitra Chari / Shuffle
Jerry Chen / Life in a Bottle
Eric Chew / Lost
Bryan Chiakpo / Look At the New Snow Flurries
Eric Chiang / The Ride
Talia Chiarelli / The Best Season
TIm Childs / Theatre
Naina Chipalkatti / Ode to my Lamp
Sameera Chippada / Rainbow
David Cho / Unconditional Love
Fiona Chow / Deep Down in Ocean’s Darkness…
Margaret Chuang / The Curtain Falls
Felix Chung / To Remembering
Fiona Chung / Yes Thank You, No Please
Shelby Chung / Our Story
Carlo Cincotta / California
Michal Clayton / Coffee
Grace Cooper / In A Pickle
Kristy D. / Autumn
Matt D. / What We Can See
Akshay Daftardar / A Moment Never Forgotten
Bryan Daley / The Stranger
Morgan Daruwala / Friends From My Past
Henry Davidson / Springtime
Michelle DeCarlo / Hermit Island
Jackie Denning / The Journey
Sheela Devadas / Waiting for the Break of Day
Catherine Dickenson / Day Dream
Dana Dimodica / Who To Be
Darwin Ding / Chess
Sarah Dohan / Raindrops
Ben Donahue / Duck, Duck, Wham!
Caitlyn Dooley / The Snow Is Here To Stay!
Annelise Driscoll / Freshman
Sophie Dulberg / Sorry I Can’t Say
Isabel E. / ten months
Shatora E. / Best Friends Forever
Sam Eddy / Mountain Top
Matt Edelman / HAND
Samuel Eickstedt / The Solitary Desk
Maya Elany / Rain
David Emanuel / Baghdad 2003
Elaine Emmerich / A Word
Isabelle Engelberg / Lost Connection
Xander Eriksson / To Mike, twin brother of Ike ...
Robert Ernst / Expectations of a Modern World
Amanda F. / Born Today?
Arden Feldman / The Hurricane
Dan Finch / To Memory
Kristen Fiore / Childish Getaway
Sam Flaster / Within a Still Life
Jack Foley / Butterfly
Haley Fradkin / Unconditional Love
Lily G. / Broccoli
Nicholas Gagliardi / My Cat, Jack
Meredith Galvin / Thunderstorm
Russell Gens / A Mid Winter’s Stroll
Yaseen Gholizadeh / Why Do Teachers Force It?
Caitlin Go / Forfeit or Play
Sophie Goemans / Kyoto Station
Lydia Gold / Firefly Fields
Ben Goldin / Confusion
Eddie Gonzalez / Romeo & Juliet
Ben Gordon / Hatred’s Visit
Rider Gordon / A Red Ball Of Light
Abby Grant / Corners
Carly Gravallese / Nobody Is Perfect
Samantha Gray / Memories of You
Elizabeth Green / From the Eyes of a Five Year Old
Akshay Grewal / The Morning Walk
Robin Gross / race
Zac Gunther / The Pond
Athena H. / Reflections
Harrison H. / Heaven Here We Come
Kristen H. / A Night At the Movies
Matt Hagan / Theater of Dreams
Eunice Hahm / Three Feet Perspective
Ryan Ham / Joys Of Winter
Andrea Han / My Bagel
Kyle Harvey / An Autumn Leaf
Monica He / Children of Satan
Steven Hess / These Words
Juliet Hewes / The World of Childhood
Adam Hoffman / Racism
Becky Hoffman / Daddy's Little Girl
Chiang Yueh Hsu / Age Fifteen
Emily Hu / A Clamor of Whispers
Krista Hu / In Comparison
Claire Huang / A Midnight Meal
Caitlin Hughes / Empty Handed
Otavio I. / Zoom In
Tadafumi Ikezu / Moving
Alexander Ioakimidis / Father to Son Consolation
Leo Ip / Sherlock
Camila Isern / Winter To Me
Russell Iuliano / Italia
Maria Ivanenko / Mahalo, Hau’oli
Michelle J. / Wordless [Worthless]
Zaroug J. / The Storm
Freya Jackson / While Standing on a Frozen Pond
Ambika Jayakumar / A Weight Lifted
Tom Jeon / I Let Go of My Mom’s Hand
Ji-In Jeong / Autumn's Leaves
Michael Jeong / A Teenager
Alex Jerosch-Herold / The Stranger
Liz Johnson / The Tired
Andrew Johnston / Champion
David Johnston / The Question
Philip Ji-Woong Jung / Ode to the “Almost” Sneeze
Anish K. / The Fly
Do Hyung Kevin K. / I Am a Shadow Now
Eunice K. / Sorry
Josh K. / When We Were Kids
Joshua K. / A Hideous Beauty
Leah K. / Lyric Peom
Vasisth K. / Winter Through My Window
Kristyn Kajko / Dear Dad
Jesse Kao / I 3NJ0Y CH1CAG0
Grace Kaplan / Shrunk
Noah Kaplan-Duerr / Eye of the Storm
Peter Katsarakes / True Friends
Ben Kaufman / The Future
Bryan Kenny / Ruler
Daniel Kim / What once was
Eugenia Kim / To: Boots
Seong Jae Justin Kim / I Am Not Weird
Carly King / The Dragonfly
Naomi Kitazawa / Shape? Love? Form? Organ?
Rebecca Korn / My Window
Irina Kovari / Dear Grandma
Geneva Kropper / Snowball
Elizabeth Kuszmaul / "Imperfections"
Gabrielle L. / The War
Isabel L. / Lemons
Kyuil L. / A hidden friend
Sylvia L. / Procrastinator’s Lament
Eric Lam / Innocent and Pure, What We Were Before
Jeffrey Lang / The Chatterbox
Will Le / Slum City
Andie Lee / Window to My Morning
Cassandra Lee / Under the Bed
DooHee Lee / Death Bed
Jennifer Lee / The Summer I Was Sixteen
Lisa Lee / Without Any Words
Matthew Lee / Saved
Timmy Lee / Friendship
Sara Lehman / Little Orb of Wonder
Leah Leshchinsky / A Man Stands
Amy Li / Melfy
Kevin Li / Moment For Life
Dauh Kun Lin / Black Feather
Elon Lin / Unseen Misfortune
Henry Lin / Baker’s Dish
Karen Lin / What's in a Poem?
Austin Liou / A January Night
Miriam Lipschutz / Moved Away
Alan Liu / To Grandma
Joyce Lo / Ostriches
Jay Lok / Childhood
Kate Lopes / My Safe Haven, My Sanctuary
Emily Lowry / Chatham
Erika Lu / Holly Golightly
Kevin Lu / Abandoned House
Verena Lucke / The Tree Climber
James Lung / The Tailor
Hannah Lyons / Sick Days
Bridgette M. / Accepting Reality
Christina M. / Will Next Year Be Better?
Emily M. / Serenity
Josh M. / The Stage
Megan M. / Snow
OnKee M. / The Trial
Yennie M. / Summer Morning
Grace Ma / The Squirrel
Saaya Maeda / Snow Cover
Daniel Maffa / The Berks
Netana Markovitz / Delectable, Delicious, Delightful
Alana Martel / An Ocean View
Alec Martinez / The Necktie
Noelle Marty / Procrastination
Drorr Marx / From Granddaughter to Grandfather
Eli Mattingly / My Young Lies
Matthew Mazur / Sailing on Cape Cod
Robbie McDonald / The Chairlift
Kevin McElhatton / A Childhood Friend
Rory McGloin / A Bagel For Breakfast
Paige McNamara / Dog's Life
Kari McNeil / Apology for Your Ruse
Joseph McWeeney / The Hidden Purpose
Maisie Meade / Forgive Me
Dylan Meadows / Winter
Michael Mendelsohn / The Open Door
Gayatri Menon / Flight
Ellen Meyers / Crossing Over
Miles Miller / The Twelfth Month
Kate Mitchell / Defying Gravity
QuinnLi Moloney / To Today
Elliot Mustoe / The Field
Brandon N. / Companion At Night
Manavi Nagai / Empty
Krishna Narayanan / Ode to Clouds
Patrick Neal / Pandora's Mementoes
Nicholas Nerolien / My Friends
Becky Ngo / Bagels and Cream Cheese
Henrik Nilsson / Old vs. New
Petar Ojdrovic / A Story of War
Alex Ollendorf / The Game of Basketball
Ben Ong / The New Year
Nate Osher / Thought
Jesse P. / The Stream
Ket P. / Days
Natalia P. / What Doesn't Kill you makes you Stronger
Nikia P. / Rose Colored Glasses
Thaya P. / Returning
Richard Pan / Disappointment
Amber Pardes / Faced with Fear
Jason Park / Why Do We Live?
Jean Park / To: Arrogance
Noah Parker / A Feather
Kayla Patel / Double Bass
Aishani Patwari / My Song
Alana Perry / Writing This Poem
Donna Petitti / Perfection
Carl Pieri / Greyhound
Sara Pion / Audition
Victor Porras / The Façade
Kate Powers / The Milky Way
Aaron Prager / The Spear
Natalie Puschak / Big White Wall
William Q. / The Dogwood
Catherine Qin / I’m Sorry
Tim Qin / Childhood Memories
Anisha Quadir / The Power of Fall
Ike R. / Synonym Dinosaur
Libby R. / Broken Promise
Philip R. / The Ride
Talia R. / Hidden
Geoffrey Ramseyer / Outside the Window
Pahreesa Rashidi / This Time of Year
Monisha Reginald / Hide and Seek
Hannah Resnick / The Trampoline
Bridget Reynolds / I Miss You
Talia Richkin / Remembering the Forgotten
Kim Rodrig / Across the Universe
Will Rogers / The End
Patrick Rose / The Precipice
Connor Ross / Followers
Eli Ruben / My Corner
Alex S. / It Changed Me
Andrew S. / Sadness
Christian S. / Morning
Darby S. / Failed
Hao S. / Where am I?
Jenny S. / That Day
Jeremy S. / The First Note
Nadine S. / Visitor
Pawinn S. / IDK...
Rachael S. / Walking On Cracks
Thomas S. / Abode
Victor M. S. / Messy room
Giustina Sacco / I Am Sixteen!
Samuel Salisbury / Tyga Style
Wyatt Sanders / Innocence
Matt Schreibman / The Tiger
Alec Seferian / To Win
Nicole Sekula / The New Shoes
Cheyan Setayesh / Taken For Granted
Yuankai Shan / A Game of Cards
Meghan Shaw / Settling For What Is Deserved
Alex Sheena / Stronger
Abby Shenker / Dog Kisses
Brian Shiao / Bewitched
Edward Shin / Hurricane
Vikas Shiva / Clouds Inside
Matthew Shorter / Human Nature
Raffah Siddiqui / Untitled
Matthew Singer / Poem of 5 Cliches
Gregory Smail / The Galloping
Chaz Smith / Snow Day
Katherine Stahl / To Worry
Zach Strohmeyer / Another Day
Victoria Suber / Ode to Bee
Sara Sussman / Woman Holding a Balance
Isabelle T. / The Race
Paul Tabak / North Conway
Evan Tarrh / The Snowman
Akiho Tatsuta / We Become More Unique the More We Grow Up
Kathryn Taylor / Being 5
Shreya Thatai / To Truth
Nick Trano / Smash, Crash, Bash
Chris Van Etten / The Court
Celia Vaughan / Dear Santa
Prashanth Veeragandham / The Other Side That You Can't See
George Velonias / Innocent Until Proven Guilty?
Ashley Vernet / Fall Feelings
Ranya Virk / A Boat
Taylor Vitunic / Time Changed
Brandon W. / Dreams of Hope
Helene Wambe / The Issue with Insatiability: A Response to Emily Dickinson's 'Real Riches'
Bruce Wang / Albino Squirrel
Susan Wang / Six-Words
Rebecca Weiser / A Flash of Something
Zoe Weisskoff / My Famous Oatmeal Cookies
Veronica Wharton / Fundamentally [Flawed]
Emmeline Wheaton / Another Brother
Daniel Whelan / Lucifer Falls
Sara Wichlei / January 24th, 1996
Samuel Williams / Cardboard Dreams
Brianna Wilson / Missing Daisy
Kayla Wilson / Shells and Seaweed
Stephanie Wilson / Everyone Remembers
Mariel Winton / My Oasis
Yaeram Won / The Well
Andrew Wong / Shark
Thomas Wong / Fake Money
Jeannie Wooh / Harmonious Peace
Alexandria Wright / The Shore
Connor Wu / I DRAW A BLANK
Emily Wu / Watching, Wishing, Wanting
Josephine Wu / An Ode to Thumbs
Jimmy Xia / Autumn
Christopher Xu / Muddy River Blues
Hoda Y. / A Smile
Jamie Y. / Turn
Jonathan Yam / Why The Rooster Crows
Anna Yang / Rain
Qinyuan Yang / The Sentinel
Alicia Yeung / Two Stones
Stephanie Yin / Citrus
James Young / Green
Aldila Yunus / this couch is soft so we can never leave
Andrew Z. / Up Too Late
Darius Z. / Bare
Laura Z. / The Beach House
Paul Z. / Competition
Jamie Zack / The Storm
Evan Zhang / Staring Back
Nancy Zhang / New Woman
Peijin Zhang / To Jealousy
Ryan Zhang / The Sports Channel
Vivian Zhang / Tuo Xie
Lily Zhu / Sweet Relief





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