Jonathan Yam

Why The Rooster Crows

Little Baby Sun and Rooster would always sit together,

Chatting away for hours every day,

But Sun grew big and Rooster lost many a feather.


Sun was no longer a Baby Sun,

He was a sun grown old,

And he became just too large for Rooster to have fun.


Rooster grew weary, scalded by Sun.

And he had only one thing to say:

“Leave me be Sun, run, run, run!”


But Sun was stubborn, and wanted no other place to stay,

And he told his old friend Rooster:

“I will never, ever go away!”


And Sun became a flame too ferocious to control,

And Rooster burned to ashes,

There was nothing left, but the trees which turned to charcoal.


Sun heard a click and a clack.

“Oh my!  Who could it be?”

And then came a cluck and a sudden CRACK!


Behold, a young rooster, born from a charred egg,

Struggling with the burning heat,

It could do nothing but pout and beg!


Sun thought, full of sorrow, grief, and remorse,

“I must leave the Earth,

Or the newborn will die, of course.”


And Sun spent the past few hundred years,

Floating beyond the clouds in space.

But every morning, he heard a sound, which came from nowhere near.


The sounds were the pitiful begs and the cries

Of the now lonely grown rooster.

“Why did you have to leave, Sun? Why, why, why?”


The words that Rooster yelled, he did not know!

He was just too far away,

And all he could hear was crow, crow, crow


Copyright © 2002-2011 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose © 2002-2011 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission.