Sara Wichlei

January 24th, 1996

You did what you did fifteen years ago out of
Pure love and strength.
But you missed out on so much,
My first words, steps, days of school
My first everything.
I got ten days with you, the most amazing days of my life
Iíve met you in my dreams,
So many times imagining what I would say.
Itís curious to love someone you donít know,
But I promise you, I do.
I only want to make you proud of me
To hear you say, ďI love you,Ē
To find my missing half.

You trusted another family to raise and to love me
And it wasnít a mistake.
I have a great life here
And now, fifteen years later
I want you to know one thing
Even if we never meet
I love you.


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