David Cho

Unconditional Love

You’ve been there,
Watching over me.
You’ve loved me
But I’ve rejected you.
I didn’t listen to you.
I never went to you for help.
But you still reached your hand out to me.
I came to you in times of need,
When everything else couldn’t satisfy my needs and standards,
You were the last person I would go to for help you see.
But you’ve still accepted and comforted me.
You told me, “I love you no matter what.”
I cried because it has been difficult for me.
You wiped away my tears.
But when I’m done crying, l left you again.
Ignoring your love for me.
I laughed and had fun.
I talked to my friends.
I talked to my family.
But I never talked to you.
I never invited you to my life.
I didn’t acknowledge you,
I didn’t love you back.
But you loved me still.
You’re there, watching over me.
Hoping I would come back to you.
You don’t want me to fall again.
But I keep living my life.
One day, I see my friend down the street.
Crossing over the street
And a drunk car swivels from here to there.
Passing through the red lights.
Not knowing its boundaries.
It hits my friend.
Before I call him,
Right before lively eyes.
He’s falling.
He fell.
His body hit strong on the ground,
And his blood starts to leak down his back.
Spreading like a rapid fire.
And his bright red blood starts to leak Out of his head.
Covering the street like the waters of Egypt were turned into blood.
And when I run to him.
I check for his pulse.
No pulse.
I check around,
His chest, neck and arm.
No pulse.
I cry.
I notice his eyes are still open,
I notice all the memories that are flowing from his lifeless eyes.
I wait there, to see if he would blink.
But… No blink.
I start to reach my hand,
It just stops there,
Not wanting to close them.
But my hand reaches out to close his eyes so he can rest in peace.
The feeling of loss hits me strong.
It stings my heart so much like a bee sting on a firm skin.
The feeling of sorrow burdens me
Like I’m holding the earth alone.
“Come back!” I scream. I shout.
My face turns bright red.
I try to hold my tears and not cry.
But the heavy tears leak out like a butterfly struggling to come out of its cocoon.
I shed into tears.
My best friend.
My life.
Had died.
My friend was my everything.
But not you.
You’re nothing to me.
Go away!
Get out of my life.
I thought you loved me!
But you never have loved me.
That was a lie.
I was foolish to believe in you.
I trusted you.
How can you make this happen?
I was shivering in anger.
I just fall onto my knees,
Putting my head down,
Crying so much.
I was hitting the ground,
And the running blood starts in my body starts to run on the road.
But when I bring my head back up,
I see you there,
You are there.
Crying with me.
You are there mourning with me
For my loss,
For my sorrow,
For me.
You were there mourning with me.
I start to approach you slowly,
Struggling to approach you.
I feel guilt.
I’m weak.
When I fall,
You are there to catch me.
You wipe away my tears,
And you hug me.
I’m in shock.
You tell me, “I still love you.”
I cry more.
For it was tough for me.
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.
I said terrible things to you,
And I hurt you. I’m so sorry.
I didn’t mean to.”
“It’s fine.
I know how you feel. And that is why I’m crying with you. I’m crying with you because I don’t want you to carry this heavy burden in your shoulders alone. You have me to carry it with you. I will always be there for you. I love you. Never will I abandon you.”
As the last word was said,
I start to shed to tears because those words touched my heart.
I cry and cry and cry for hours
On the street, leaning on your shoulders.
Hoping my friend would come back
Hoping I have a friend that never leaves me.
Hoping I have a friend like you.


Copyright © 2002-2011 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose © 2002-2011 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission.