Eric Chiang

The Ride

Excitement: A double black diamond
Danger: Skiís bouncing through unattended powder.
Fear: I could tumble and fall at any second.
Exhilaration: To finally let go, to have no power.

A taunting friend became an intense race.
Cascading down the near vertical slope,
At a close to frightening pace.
To survive unscathed would be a hollow hope.

Despite this, we straightened our skis and laughed with glee.
A tight race, halfway down, still neck and neck.
Captured in the moment, I finally felt free.
Whether I was winning, I didnít even bother to check.

Then it happened, I turned to my bud, a witty remark upon my lip.
A thick unpadded pole in the corner of my eye, there it stood.
Helplessness. I collide, see the darkness, feel the warm blood drip.
Fear, I desperately reached out, in reality and in my mind, to all I could.

Suddenly, peace: like waiting for a train.
Hope: A train that will take me far away.
Wonder: Whereís the train? I can only see the dark, am I insane?
Calm: I walk along the tracks, they lead me on my way.

Tranquil: I wake at peace, feeling mighty swell.
Assidous: attempting to crawl out of the bed. Why?
Happy: I saw the doctors, had nearly forgotten Iíd fell.
Ironic: to finally be woken up, I almost had to die.


Copyright © 2002-2011 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose © 2002-2011 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission.