Sam Alpert

Sock'em Boppers

It all occurred around my fourth year of life
Far away from the college parties, a career and a wife
My life was so simple then yet so fragile as well
You could see my guilt as soon as he fell
Down he went on a never-ending escalator
His cries would surely be the detonator
To that of which his mother would come
To see where these shrieks were coming from
As I watched the perfect crime from my balcony above
I recalled how it happened, all over a shove
He was asking for it when he took a shot at me
His brand new Sockemí Boppers fresh off the TV
His new Hanukkah gifts seemed to be his downfall
He wanted to battle he wanted a brawl
And so I fought back with all my might
I was a heavy weight champion despite my short height
I knocked him down with a blow to the head
He was not crying yet, not a tear had he shed
Not until I pushed him off the cliff did he start to panic
He crashed and burned and sunk like the titanic
But then I realized it was my friend I had thrown
Into the dark abyss of the stairwell, each thump brought a moan
A moan from each of us with each crunching of bones
When he came to a stop he laid all alone
I had to escape the scene of the crime
I couldnít confess, it wasnít the place nor the time
I tried to flee but alas I could not
I was trapped on the second floor stuck to one spot
Stuck in horror to see my fallen friend
And to know I was the cause of his immature end
His pride may have been injured but his wounds have all healed
Honestly, I donít see why itís such a big deal
All over nothing, we were just having fun
In every fight thereís a victor and I seemed to have won
There would be no more play dates at Ikeís house anymore
That was made quite clear when he hit the floor


Copyright © 2002-2011 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose © 2002-2011 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission.