Amy Li


The bed next to mine, that certain July
Belonged to a girl named Melfy who wanted to fly
She wished to leave, to say goodbye
To escape this eerie hospital and finally see the blue sky

She constantly talked about her elaborate plans
Passionately writing them down with her delicate hands
Her getaway from the hospital titled “Plan So Grand”
With directions to faraway places like Japan

I’d spend days watching as she pranced about
Leaping from bed to bed, going all out
She told me she was pretending, imagining her route
Her “Plan So Grand” so she would fly, without any doubt

The nurses always teased while checking her heart
“Impossible!” they’d say, while scribbling on charts
“If the plans fail, I will simply restart.
I might as well give it a try”, she’d mumble before they’d part

Near the end of July her health began to decline
Somehow she talked me into thinking she was fine
So we played new games that put her life on the line
Her weak heart stopped beating and the fault was all mine

August is when I left, from the hospital still feeling blue
I went to that empty bed of hers and I bid her adieu
I decided there were so many places for me to go to
Chile, Japan, France, or even Timbuktu

Now I take pictures and show them to the sky
“Is it here? The place, to where you said you’ll fly?”
I know there will never be a reply
But as she always said, I might as well give it a try


Copyright © 2002-2011 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose © 2002-2011 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission.