Catherine Dickenson

Day Dream

The real world fades
As you drift from what is ‘important’.
Your eyes see blackness
And then the thoughts,
The thoughts of your subconscious
Fly you to an unseen world
Drifting past the fantasies
Of a forgotten past
To dreams of the present
Where there lies a mirror
You see yourself
The reflection is not right
It is all wrong, distorted, afraid
Afraid of the end your new dreams meet:
Your death.
Moving away from the truth
You step too far and start to fall
Falling, plummeting too fast
To quickly the jagged ground seems to come
You close your eyes
Not wanting to see your fate.
But the pain doesn’t come,
The thoughts subside,
The darkness around fades to light,
You come back in time to hear
A bell,
Class dismissed.


Copyright © 2002-2011 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose © 2002-2011 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission.