Rebecca Korn

My Window

All I could see when I looked

Outside of my childhood bedroom window were

Some trees,

My backyard, and

The side of my neighbor’s house.


But it was not this simple view

Which made it my favorite window.


It was waking up and looking out of this window

To find a blanket of snow on the ground in the winter.


It was listening to the rain as it pounded against the window

As I tried to get to sleep at night in the spring.


It was the gentle summer breeze it let in

When I had no air conditioning.


It was the birds chirping high up in the trees,

That woke me up on a Saturday morning.


But most of all,

It was my favorite window

Because it was the window I could look out of

Right as I woke up in the morning

And see the brand new day.


Copyright © 2002-2011 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose © 2002-2011 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission.