Adam Hoffman


I see a government arrest people for its own profit
I see people crying out, but they don’t stop it
I see a modern day prison, we call it a slum
I see kids afraid of arrest, afraid of what we’ve become
I see the government hurts us, it holds us down
I see a military compound, used to be a town
I see politics divide, and paralyze the nation
I see police exercise no restraint or hesitation
I see the racism inherent in the status quo
I see us try to change it but the Gov. shouts NO
I see a thousand different races, all oppressed
I see the police keep laughing, they think that we jest
I see us all together, be us wealthy or poor
I see us staring at the drive by, that happened next door
I see us ask for progress, a future at least
I see the riot guards coming, armed to the teeth
I see us asking questions, where is the peace
I see kids born five years ago, never seen the love
I see a symbol of freedom shot, down falls the dove
I see police ready to hunt, my neighbors and friends
I see the government condemn us, it will never end.

I hear the people shout out, and ask for freedom
I hear us all rebelling, against this tyrannical chiefdom
I hear they are coming, they’re running and armed
I hear us all screaming, society’s been harmed
I hear my senses bombarded, surrounded, engulfed
I hear my friends, family dead, gutted by the wolf
I hear gunshots and firing, deaths are amassing
I hear the slithering creak, of the chambers and gassing
I hear on a level, unheard of or known
I hear the holocaust happening, we’ll all die alone
I hear a government arrest people for its own profit
I hear people crying out, but they don’t stop it.


Copyright © 2002-2011 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose © 2002-2011 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission.