Samantha Gray

Memories of You

I remember waking up late to an amazing breakfast cooked by you.
I remember the holidays; we'd decorate the house inside and out.
I remember your white truck pulling up to the house,
Finally home from a long stressful day of work.
I would run down the driveway and jump in your arms.
After I remember we would go in the house,
Where I would race to untie the laces on your dirty brown work boots.
I remember you tucking me into bed with the fuzzy purple rabbit I held so tight, you would lay
there with me 'til I fell asleep because of my fear of bad guys under my bed at night.
I remember Sundays lying on the couch cheering on the Patriots with you.
I remember my basketball  games,  when I was tired and worn out,
Every time I looked at the stands you were always there cheering me on.
I remember riding on the back of your motorcycle,
So afraid but you told me everything's all right,
To just hold on tight.
I remember my birthdays; you'd make my favorite meal.
I remember when I would run to you with every problem,
You'd comfort me and make them all seem unreal.

I remember when you got sick,
How our family crumbled.
I remember watching you go back and forth to the hospital
As you got weaker and weaker.
I remember sitting there in school as I took a test,
How I couldn't focus, wondering if you'd be okay.
I remember when you told me you wouldn't be around too much longer.
I remember you hugging me, as we both burst into tears, it felt like you'd never let go.
I remember that day, when mom said you went away.
I remember sitting on my bed thinking how strong you once were, the news couldn't be true.
I remember as I said my final goodbye.
I remember seeing you lay there in your casket, lifeless and faded.
I remember mourning our memories, knowing there'd be no more to have.
I remember reminiscing on these things, wishing we could  have made more memories  like these.
When I kissed you on the forehead, how cold you felt.
I remember at that moment how I broke down and my knees gave out.


Copyright © 2002-2011 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose © 2002-2011 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission.