Brandon W.

Dreams of Hope

Hope is the inspiration
That drives many lives,
And helps people move on
During difficult times.

Hope is like the sun,
Shining vivid rays of light
And always coming back to us
Even in the cloud cloaked night.

Hope is the floating feather,
Gliding through the air,
Forever graceful altogether
Conserving your welfare.

Hope gives us a kick start
And helps us reach our goals
It always fills our hearts
With its reassuring warmth

Hope tells a brighter future,
The road to a joyous paradise,
The light at the end of the tunnel,
And to fight for what is right.

Hope is the awakening
That keeps darkness at bay
But never asks of anything
To keep us safe away.

-Inspired by Emily Dickinson


Copyright © 2002-2011 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose © 2002-2011 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission.