Kristen H.

A Night At the Movies

When I’m sitting on my couch
And am bored or feeling blue,
I invite all of my friends
To watch a movie or two.

But before we put the movie in
And turn out the light,
We must find the perfect snack
That will keep us full all night.

Some people prefer brownies,
Others cookies or chips.
But except for microwave popcorn
We’ll put nothing past our lips.

POP! POP! Exploding kernels
Fill the air with sounds.
That aroma keeps us drooling
like hungry, hopeful hounds.

BEEP! The timer shouts,
The microwave door opens wide,
And we’re greeted by the sight
Of the delicious food inside.

CRUNCH! The corn is crushed
By our greedy fingertips.
The butter and salt flow over our tongues
And leave our taste buds doing flips.

Munching away on our popcorn,
Glad that we can now dig in,
We get settled on the couch
And the movie can begin.


Copyright © 2002-2011 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose © 2002-2011 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission.