Prashanth Veeragandham

The Other Side That You Can't See

I was typing these words to make some history,
I got some work,
So made money and tried to get luxury,
But that wasnít enough,

My lonely family,
The outskirts of town,
A suiting place to be,
A little leaky roof was not what it seemed,

The time of money was near to me,
A little tough time to be what you want to be,
The world was pushing down on my family,
It was a little too tough,

But I didnít want to plea,
The time was late to be fretting about,
It wasnít anything that seemed worthy to shout,
My name wasnít anything to pout about,

Got out of the outskirts,
And into the city,
Brought my family back,
It was real tough time for them,

But they took it as a team,
We all suffered due to the game,
Couldnít really see the tamed,
The reality is catching up with me,

I came to see,
The world wasnít as I thought it could be,
A little too much and I drowned the sea,
Because my tears were tossing themselves over the levees,

How am I kidding?
I said to the T.V screen,
Small as a postcard,
It wasnít who I want be,

Itís who I am right now,
A nerdy little kid,
From a middle class family,
Who was meant to be?
A classy live the life teen.


Copyright © 2002-2011 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose © 2002-2011 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission.